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Artisanal market in South Boston plans small, quiet bistro - unlike all the big, boisterous places along Broadway

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans by the owners of American Provisions at East Broadway and I Street to add a restaurant that will focus on locally-sourced food - just like their store.

Unlike all of the newer restaurants along Broadway, Andy Faddous and Matthew Thayer's sit-down restaurant will be small and intimate, with just 28 seats - and no TVs - their attorney, Marc LaCasse, told the board. He added they are currently looking to buy a wine and beer license.

"It's something decidedly different for South Boston," LaCasse said.

"It will be a non-noisy, quiet restaurant for people like us," the salt-and-pepper bearded LaCasse joked.

Nobody spoke in opposition to the restaurant.



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For it will cost more than everywhere else?

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