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Man charged with body slamming woman to the ground at Park Street


Transit Police report arresting a man they say started an argument with some people outside the Park Street T stop early this morning, slammed one to the ground, then began chasing others until he ran into a police officer who was able to apply his training and handcuffs to the situation.

According to police, a group of people were standing outside the T stop around 12:40 a.m. when Loudon Fruth, 27, decided to instigate an argument with them:

Suddenly Fruth approached a female wrapped his arms around her, lifted her off the ground and tackled her to the pavement. Fruth landed on top of the victim causing her impact to be more substantial. Fruth then stood up and began to chase after others in the group. The officer intercepted Fruth and placed him into custody.

According to the victim as well as others in her group they are not familiar with Fruth and state the attack was unprovoked.

Innocent, etc.


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It’s the guy in the Bosstones who doesn’t play an instrument or sing but just dances alongside the lead singer.

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Shouldn't he be put in stocks?

Like something out of dickens.

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People probably think it's old English or New England Yankee or something, but it's not.

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