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Angry turkeys put Jamaica Plain in the national spotlight

Jamaica Plain is fast picking up a rep across the country as a dangerous place, thanks to WBZ's report with the photo of angry murderbirds drenched in the blood of their human victims:

For example, the Drudge Report alerts readers: 'Extremely Scary' Wild Turkeys Terrorize Boston Neighborhood ...

Brookline turkeys have broken out and opened new salient in Jamaica Plain.



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yesterday afternoon. It's good that Channel 4 straightened I out.


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The righteous will rejoice when he sees the vengeance; He will wash his spurs in the blood of the wicked!

We will bring them back from Greater Brookline. We will bring them back from the depths of the sea; our spurs may shatter them in blood, The tongues of dogs may have its portion from our enemies. They have seen our trot. The trot of our Toms, our liberators, into sanctuary!

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Trot schmott.
The Tom tail fanning.
The proud and beautiful tail fanning.

But it's the gobbling gets my heart full of pride.

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"Drudge Report" and "extremely scary turkeys" in the same sentence, I expect to read something or other about the former's readership.

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"Brookline, where Jamaica Hills is located,"

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I guess if you include that little run off from Leverett Pond into the Riverway you could technically include Brookline as part of Jamaica Hills but definitely not the other way around.

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