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Maybe time to rename Louders Lane as Crash into Things Early in the Morning Lane

Fire alarm box knocked down

A resident of Centre Street in Jamaica Plain (the part that's a continuation of the Arborway) shows us the damage from a driver on the southbound side who plowed through the small field there, smashed into a a fire-alarm box and then took out a hydrant near Louders Lane around 3:30 a.m. - not far from where another driver took out a light pole early one morning in December.

The resident adds:

Female driver, air bag deployed, police were on the scene - the driver seemed unhurt as she got out of the car and yelled at the police. Not sure what happened after that. From the tire marks in the grass, it looks as though she may have driven down the sidewalk and missed the road - but it’s not clear.

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Centre starts going slightly to the left at that intersection. At 3:30 AM and yelling at the cops, suggests the driver may have found that a challenge. How about a little further down at the intersection with Rambler Road, someone went through the white fence and took out the swings and slide set in the backyard. How they threaded the small space between the hydrant and walk sign, no clue.

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Whenever I drive by that house, I hope the kids who used to play on that thing are now old enough that it's not as bad a loss as it might otherwise be.

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You gotta understand - cars will hit you!

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Used to be an old Studerbaker parked in one of those driveways, think it beeped in both Latin and Greek .

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