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Roxbury fried-chicken place shut due to gross kitchen

A Boston health inspector shut Crown Fried Chicken, 344 Warren St., this week for "gross unsanitary conditions" that included food soils and grease all over the kitchen, some of it "heavily encrusted" on cooking equipment, no soap or paper towels for workers to wash their hands with and rat droppings behind barrels used for collecting grease.

Also, sweet-potato pies and tomatoes were stored way too warm.

None of the workers on duty at the time of the inspection had any clue of proper cleaning procedures or steps to prevent food contamination - such as not storing raw hamburger right above lettuce - the inspector wrote.

The take-out place can re-open once it fixes the problems and passes another inspection.



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With the micromanaging of liquor licenses, one would think that licensing of food places would involve a lot more education and enforcement of most basic sanitation practices?

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If the owner doesn't care and want to put in the work, the manager isn't going to either. Then the front line workers certainly aren't going to do the extra work (keeping a clean kitchen) if they aren't pressed to do so.

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To do that sort of enforcement and education.

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The real question is whether the fried chicken is worth the drive?

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Is the simple answer. Not now, not before the shutdown. Although it is popular, but I think the two joints in Dudley Station are better (Arizona and Royal). Haven't been in a while though.

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Ever since Fontaine's closed, I've been lost.. a while now...

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Has some of the best Ribs in town, The chicken is okay I guess.

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At least this place doesn't have an "A" rating.

Of course, it doesn't have a rating at all, but that's another story.

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