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Nine-alarm fire spreads along Old Morton Street in Mattapan

Old Morton Street fire

Boston firefighters responded to 39 Old Morton St. in Mattapan around 4:45 p.m. for a fire in a vacant building that spread to seven adjacent homes.

The Boston Fire Department says two residents and seven firefighters suffered injuries, none considered life-threatening. Damage will likely total several million dollars, the department says, adding the cause is under investigation.

Scott Eisen took one photo of his neighbor's home as he was evacuating his own; Eisen reports his home was destroyed. The department reports 14 families are now homeless.

The Gallivan Community Center at 61 Woodruff Way in Mattapan has opened as a shelter for residents needing a place to stay.

Daniel Rothenberg spotted the fire from out on Boston Harbor:

Mattapan fire spotted in Boston Harbor
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I'm glad nobody was killed and I donated to the gofundme. It's worth mentioning that renters insurance plans cost next to nothing for tens of thousands of dollars of coverage and are worth having for moments like this. I hope everyone involved is able to recover, find housing and rebuild what was lost.

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I've updated the post. Fortunately, nothing life threatening, at least.

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