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Driver hits and kills pedestrian in Charlestown, keeps on going

On Alford Street around 11:20 p.m. on Thursday, WHDH reports. The crash was just over the Alford Street bridge at the Everett line.



If you drive drunk and kill someone (but didn't operate "reckless or negligent") the crime is Motor Vehicle homicide and the penalty is the same as a simple A&B or any other misdemeanor (Max 2.5 years in the HOC). And yes, this is a misdemeanor.

If you drive drunk or sober and kill someone, and then take off, the crime is leaving the scene of a crash resulting in death and it is a felony that can get you 10 years in prison (1 year minimum).


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How would this even be possible?

If you drive drunk and kill someone (but didn't operate "reckless or negligent")...

By default, if you're driving drunk, that is both reckless and negligent.

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if this were the same driver that killed the woman in Somerville a few days ago and then was sent home with a pinky-swear not to drive anymore

*and by "funny", of course, I mean "absolutely infuriating but not even a little bit startling"

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I think this might not be apparent to people reading that don't realize where the Everett / Charlestown border is:

this fatal crash occurred right next to the Encore casino, in a location where Wynn was supposedly making pedestrian safety improvements as part of the public benefits package of their development project.

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There was a hit and run involving an injury at the intersection of Mass Ave/Huntington Thursday afternoon. Presumably "non-lethal" injury, since it didn't merit media coverage, the only place I've seen this reported is Adam's Twitter account.

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In the general vicinity, I think?

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I thought the same thing.. was it a casino patron leaving.. esp after having a few drinks and some gambling.

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People get hit around there all the time. Impatient drivers, cyclists, and low signage are all factors.

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Sadly, we're due for a cyclist collision in Sullivan Square...

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As a cyclist, I love the gridlock. It keeps me safe in that circle of hell. Thanks Wynn!

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A lot of motorists seem to think that bike lane = extra distance that I can go ahead of the traffic before I merge.

They need to put up some barriers to stop that shit.

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I thought this article was about a pedestrian hit by a car. Please don't hijack this thread: please be respectful, as someone has died.

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Check out the truck they are looking for.

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