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City cites operator of crane that dropped several tons of steel girders at North Station office tower

Post updated with statement from contractor.

ISD ordered a halt to all exterior work at the Hub on Causeway complex above North Station and Boston Garden after a crane lifting steel beams from a truck dropped them to the ground on Thursday - just hours after another contractor's crane critically injured a pedestrian on Atlantic Avenue by dislodging construction material from a building there.

According to the ISD citation, the beams fell to the ground after "lifting cables" on the crane failed.

In a statement, the contractor, JP Moriarty, said it met most of the city's concerns over the weekend - although it acknowledged it still is not using the crane to hoist steel:

We continue to work with the city and state to ensure any areas of concern are immediately addressed. The items on the citations were remedied over the weekend and, on Monday, the use of cranes was approved for all activities other than hoisting steel. We have provided MDOT with all necessary documentation and expect Portal Park to soon be reopened as a staging area for hoisting steel.

ISD said it will be keeping a closer eye on the construction site:

Representatives were also ordered to provide ISD with daily reports of all rigging inspections, a third party inspection report of the tower crane, check cables daily and submit monthly logs to the department. ISD officials also ordered Moriarty to provide the department with affidavits affirming the structural integrity of all mechanical cables and hoists.

PDF icon ISD violation notice596.32 KB


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