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Warning to plant, wheelbarrow thief on one Jamaica Plain street

Warning to whoever took plants and a wheelbarrow and hose on Alveston Street in Jamaica Plain

Listen, you piece of crap, you're lucky one Alveston Street resident is willing to let it go, just this once. And now, thanks to a roving UHub photographer who found himself on Alveston this afternoon, we're all going to be looking for you, I mean, how many people are out there pushing some new plants around in a wheelbarrow with a hose?

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I am the stealer of the hose
Because of the cam you all knows
I take the plants too
You all say boo hoo
And how this place really blows

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Spoiler: the police won’t do anything here even with the video

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they are nicer than I. Mess with any of my plants and I wouldn't be this nice.

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Boy, that plant better make like a tree and leaf, huh?

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People are so disappointing! I the culprits do the right thing.
I had someone drive into my driveway and attempt to steal my grill. My neighbor caught them and they claimed they were borrowing it for a couple of hours because they were having a bbq. Yeah...ok.

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Must be nice to live in a neighborhood where there's grass.

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Haha!! A+

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Somebody's stuff got stolen, they put up a sign offering a resolution that doesn't involve someone getting arrested. Why the snark? And why the case of the piss pants because someone has some dirt to plant in and you don't?

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No wheelbarrow, I admit, but would you accept a reel mower?

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i have taken
the plants
that were in
the garden

and which
you were probably
with the hose i also stole

forgive me
my garden needs perennials
and also
a wheelbarrow

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A+ Comment. Would read again.

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depends on that wheelbarrow.

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rain water
beside the
white turkeys.

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This is the most wholesome thread in Uhub history :- )

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Hmmm, I've seen similar signs around Hyde Square & on Brookside Ave. Seems the green-thumbed felon has been getting around.

PS-- If anyone wants to come steal the ferns that make me sneeze half the summer from our alley, I won't call the cops.

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I'd just leave out some pots of poison ivy and let them come for round 2.

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Having grass, trees, gardens are not just nice ornaments. They are necessary for good mental health.

We are half-hearted about the conditions and effects of poverty if we refuse to force - yes force - neighborhoods to be places that have a quality of life above negative 10. Trees, grass and gardens are an important aspect for a good quality of life in an urban neighborhood.

This in response to the sarcasm.

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We should have loads of street trees, and plenty of well-maintained public parks. We should encourage residents and commercial occupants to provide public greenery too -- window plants, stoop plants, etc.

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