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Doug is back

Vonstradamus reports from District 5 (Roslindale, Mattapan and Hyde Park), where several candidates are hoping to replace retiring Councilor Tim McCarthy:

Here's a new one - a robocall from Doug Bennett on behalf of Jean-Claude Sanon.

Cant wait to see some green and white hand-painted Sanon signs out there this fall!


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He rang my bell when he was running for something (I forget what) and after five minutes of talking to him face to face I came to the conclusion he is Nucking Futs.

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I actually got that robo call already from 617-839-7191 with a caller ID of "Sano, J." It rambled on taking up space on my answering machine. One has to wonder if Sanon actually connected-with, and approved of this campaign effort. Seems from past data posted here, DB has just gone off on his own without necessary permissions and legal restrictions observed, i.e. signs posted illegally, etc.

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It would never occur to me that someone could be a rogue endorser but if anyone would do it, Doug's a good candidate.

I looked it up and that appears to be Sanon's # although I suppose Doug could have just set that as his caller ID?

Here's the message itself (thanks internet!) if you'd like to hear it.


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Hi neighbors,

As my good friend Adam Gaffin has posted,, I'm back.

-Dougie Bennett

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... away, and take the hideous signs with you.

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