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Man roams Boston, Cambridge in search of signs made by one California company

On the Hunt for Boston’s Signtronix Signs | Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura follows Dave Hebb, a "commercial archaeologist," on a quest to find local small-business signs made by a single manufacturer, signs you've probably never paid any attention to but the style of which you'll instantly recognize.

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The signs, especially many of the cling signs in dry cleaners, nail salons, and hair places. Locally owned ones. They are always the same. I assumed there was some manufacturer out there (and apparently there is) that makes those signs. I also just assumed that it was a cultural thing as for me, I tend to see them more in stores in immigrant-rich neighborhoods like mine, or stores owned by immigrants.

That and I thought that they were old signs left over from the 1980s as the hairstyles, nails, and fashions remind me of the mid to late 80s. That day glow, big hair, pink nail polish, leggins, Expose, Cover Girls, freestyle late 80s look.

Nice to know there's a reason for them and they are made to look like they are from 1988 :-) Let's crack open a Purple Passion, pop in some Taylor Dayne in the cassette deck and enjoy them.

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Wonderful short.

Makes Boston feel like a familiar neighborhood.

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Signtronix is now the less atmospheric "Gulf Development" - https://www.signtronix.com/

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