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Mike Duhawkis spreads his wings

Mike Duhawkis, the State House hawk

Grumpygrumpyowl couldn't help but admire Mike Duhawkis - the State House hawk named by reporter Mike Deehan - during a break from her weekly protest over the Weymouth gas compressor.



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or we might have Mike Dukakis making soup out of Mike Duhawkis.

That would be almost cannibalistic.

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Not just soup!
Red-tailed hawk pies, and croquettes if you're lucky!

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Walked by the State House last weekend for the first time in forever, and saw it perched on the head of one of the statues. I had to do a triple take and still wasn’t convinced it was real for a solid 15 seconds...despite how odd of a statue that’d be.

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Natural pest control for fat Common and Public Garden aggressive panhandling squirrels.

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You may not see them perched in the trees, but I remember walking down lower Newbury across from the old Ritz in the late 90s, or early aughts and saw a crowd gathered, watching a hawk dig into a nice pigeon lunch on a second floor ledge, feathers flying, blood dripping...

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It's amazing how they sit so still. I saw a hawk do this as I waited outside the Cambridgeside Galleria for the shuttle to Kendall Square. It came down from a tree and sat perfectly still on a big snowbank and then swooped in on a mouse inside the snowbank before the mouse even knew what hit it. They're magnificent looking birds but up close their claws and beak look dangerously razor sharp and I wouldn't want to be any closer to it than I was.

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I once worked in a building with a view of the Longwood Galleria roof. A pigeon was standing on the roof, minding its own business, when a hawk swooped in and smashed into the pigeon so hard that feathers flew in all directions. The pigeon, like your mouse, probably never knew what hit it.

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Wow! fantastic photo!

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GrumpyGrumpyOwl is one of the eloquent heroes of Weymouth's fight against Enbridge and Gov. Baker who are intent on adding things like benzene and other poisons to the atmosphere in Weymouth and neighboring towns by building a 7700 hp methane gas compressor on a slip of land next to Weymouth neighborhoods and the new Fore River Bridge. The site would be prone to flooding in a hurricane and sea level rise. The project will also make it harder for the state to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. It will revive the AccessNortheast pipeline that Enbridge wants to build through several towns south of Boston from Canton and Sharon to Walpole and Medway. And, by the way, most of the methane that the compressor will push through will be for export to Canada for Enbridge's profit.

Gov. Baker refuses to talk with Grumpy. She has spent her lunch times in his waiting room for many, many months. His aides tell her that he does not meet with any constituents.

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