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Lowell Line commuters' rides now deterred, construction equipment stuck near tracks we heard

An equipment malfunction at a Green Line Extension project in Somerville has forced the T to cancel all service on the Lowell Line between Anderson/Woburn and North Station today, MassDOT reports.

Working at the site of a future abutment wall for the new Broadway Bridge in Somerville, a drill rig experienced a mechanical failure and is immobile near the Commuter Rail tracks. Out of an abundance of caution, the MBTA will be setting up diversions in service.

Commuters trying to get north from North Station are being told to take the Orange Line to Wellington, where they can get on a bus to Anderson/Woburn which is the temporary end of the Lowell Line. Riders trying to get into town from the north will get off at Anderson/Woburn for a bus ride to Wellington and the Orange Line.

Nonelvis reports from the scene:

Yup, it's stuck just over the west side of the bridge; I could see it from the Cedar Street overpass. Nothing had fallen over, but it was clearly right up next to the tracks.

Meanwhile, Cori Stott reports one saving grace of the shuttle buses - their State Police escorts:

Packed house but glee at this parting of the traffic.


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Now sitting in Salem on the outbound 4:15 to Rockport and the Salem Drawbridge is stuck in the up position. So much for getting home a bit early today :(

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And the pile only includes what we've been told about.

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We'll find out what's going three months from now. At 11PM on a Friday

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6:05 Reading train cancelled as well.

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