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Second fresh-scented Orange Line train not the only thing new at Forest Hills

Hawk at Forest Hills MBTA station

Massmikmouse spotted a hawk way up in the rafters of the Forest Hills T station this morning.

Meanwhile, yes, the T reports there are now 100% more brand-new trains roaming the Orange Line today - up from just the one new train yesterday.

Hawks like the Orange Line.



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It was so nice when this was open on a temporary basis. It's looked like it could be ready to go next week all summer. Anyone have any info on expected opening?

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Just don't ask the year.

Next spring we can all celebrate the 5th anniversary of the start of the construction project. The workers will be there. I mean, they will still be working, but hopefully they can join the celebration, too.

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To catch the new train Monday AND Tuesday this week. The Orange Line portion of my commute is State to DTX, but it was the most glorious 45 seconds of my week.

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I really hope the hawk is okay...

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