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Uno now zero in Back Bay

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Uno Pizzeria and Grill on Boylston Street has closed for good, leaving just one Uno left in the entire city (plus its headquarters, in West Roxbury).

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visiting the original Pizzeria Uno and its sibling Due in Chicago back before it was a chain (decades ago). Chicago-style pizza isn't for everyone, but if you like it, their version of it was excellent.

The chain product, on the other hand, as sampled last year at the now-closed Burlington location, was awful, a travesty of the original, kinda like how Regina is great at the North End original and terrible everywhere else.

(The Uno Burlington replacement, a chain extension of New Haven apizza joint Frank Pepe's, is pretty good, if not quite up to the original locations.)

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I dunno, I've always liked Uno. Solid fast-casual, better than TGI Friday's, Applebee's, and other competitors.

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I like the one in West Roxbury! There's a little brook behind it ("Mother Brook" according to Google maps). In the summer, you can sit outside overlooking trees and the brook and forget that you're in a huge strip mall. The food is just fine, fast-casual.


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It IS surprising that they closed locations that I thought would ALWAYS be there in Allston, Harvard Square, Huntington Ave by NU and now Boylston Street. I guess the Kenmore location - never one of my favorites - is the only one left.

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Shouldn't there be only one Uno's by definition?

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Then the guy opened a second one and called it Due.

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Working against them: a) the carb-cutters b) the gluten-avoiders c) the people who don’t think it qualifies as pizza. What are ya gonna do.

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There's also Uno Due Go, their fast casual concept, in the Financial District.

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Once you get tired of their pizza, they're all done. None of their other offerings are edible. Their best sandwich is literally chicken fingers between 2 pieces of bread w bbq sauce.

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I'm old, but I remember when that location was a French restaurant called La Crepe in the 60s and early 70s. It was a Boylston Street destination. Suffice to say, it was to French food what Unos is to pizza.

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We have a number of them around here. Year by year there are fewer and fewer of these:

Papa Gino's
Au Bon Pain
Finagle a Bagel
Boston Market (née Boston Chicken)
and (sadly) Boloco

any others?

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Vinny Testa's

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Ate at the Woburn location this weekend, enjoy their unpretentious, unhealthy food and the friendly waitresses.

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We at UNO are saddened by the closing of our Boylston location. We are offering positions to our displaced workers in our other 19 restaurants in the greater Boston area. Unfortunately, rent increased exponentially to the point that no casual dining concept can afford to be at this site. Luckily, our Kenmore Square location is only 0.8 miles away and will welcome all of our guests with open arms and a $2 Rosé Sangria!

In other news, on October 22 something BIG is coming to UNO. We don't want to give too many of the details away quite yet, but we are launching our boldest menu in decades.

We are beyond excited for the future of UNO, and we look forward to continuing to serve all of our loyal UNOs fans along with new fans too!

UNO Restaurants Corporate Support Team

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