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Feds investigating properties linked to former zoning-board member

WGBH reports on an audit of zoning-board decisions and members by a former federal prosecutor hired by Mayor Walsh after the arrest and guilty plea of a BPDA manager for helping to get a South Boston project re-approved by the Zoning Board - and that properties handled by former ZBA member Craig Galvin are now being scrutinized by the feds.



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If everything regarding dealing with the BPDA, the ZBA, ISD, City Hall, etc. is honest and above board, why would I need to hire a consultant to get me special meetings with the players who have influence at these agencies? If the Feds really want to get to the bottom of who’s doing what involving the corruption in Boston development, they’ll start rounding up these consultants and start asking them what they know, who they deal with, and what their actual role is. This goes much higher than one flunky ZBA member.

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