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Copley Place Barneys to close after all

WABC in New York reports that Barneys New York now plans to shut all of its stores as it sinks further into bankruptcy. The Back Bay store had initially been one of the outlets that would stay open. The news means we'll never see the planned Freds at Barneys restaurant, let alone the Bettys at Barneys womens' accessories shop or the Mr. Slate at Barneys quarry-supplies depot.

Latest Barneys bankruptcy filing, which lists the Boston location under "closing stores" (11.4M PDF).



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who were walking through Copley even knew it was there, hidden in a dead-end behind the escalators.

Bring back the Copley Place Cinema please

(and also the beautiful pink marble floor tiles that they tore up and replaced with some synthetic crap)

(and the waterfall that they demolished)

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Yes! Bring back the cinema and the waterfall!

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I was gong to say he exact same thing. I hope whoever is the developer for that mall comes to their senses.

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Oy, that place was terrible. In some of the tiny little theatres, you had to look up at the screen.

I like the idea of a movie theatre in a mall, but good riddance to this particular implementation.

Its one saving grace was the annual Boston Film Festival, but that has been largely replaced by the Independent Film Festival Boston which takes place at the much more pleasant Somerville, Brattle, and Coolidge Corner theatres.

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Granted the Copley Mall movies place kind of sucked, but it served more of a function than a place that sells $300 plain white t-shirts. Now there will be nothing in its place: like much of Back Bay -- storefronts and restaurant spaces that sit empty for years.

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I checked out Barneys when it first opened in Copley. I saw $700 jeans and promptly walked out and never came back.
Today it took me a couple of seconds to find jeans for $890. Wtf?

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I can’t afford to buy much of anything at Barney’s...maybe an occasional something from the cosmetics counter since the prices are the same in every department store...but it was always pleasant and amusing to browse there. It’s nice to see well constructed clothing and appreciate the workmanship even if you can’t afford to buy it. I really thought the addition of a restaurant might save it, though—there’s a lack of dining choices at CP.

Copley Place has become a safe, “gated shopping community” for wealthy tourists, sadly. I, too, miss the movie theater, Williams Sonoma, Rizzoli Books, realistic clothing stores, etc.

I beg to disagree with the person who liked the “pink” marble (I always referred to it as “rust-colored,” ) and the waterfall was so out of place in my opinion. The entire water feature with its plants was always home to wayward sparrows-not a fan of birds flying around indoors!

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that no one can afford to buy your stuff except the occasional billionaire that goes to a mall (and why would you do that if you were a billionaire?) then of course you will go bankrupt.

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...suits Downtown?

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If a Walmart opened, Copley Place would be swamped. An 'upscale' Walmart. OK. How about an Amazon store?

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It will be a Saks fifth mens store

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next door at the Prudential Center?

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