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Natick commuters could only wail when their train didn't stop due to slippery rail

Around 7:35, the 586 Worcester Line train pulled into Natick Center - and then just kept going, gliding 100 yards or so down the tracks before it finally stopped, Zach Rose reports.

Blame the dreaded slippery rail - basically wet leaves - Keolis says:

Train 586 experienced slippery rail at Natick Center. The train is reversing to align with the platform for boarding. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Andyman wondered why the tracks hadn't been cleared:

Where has the rail washer been? We’ve had slippery rail issues for two weeks already. You don’t have to be an engineer to know that the rain/wind from Halloween was only going to exacerbate the situation.

Keolis replied:

Please know that the Worcester line was treated yesterday during the day. Unfortunately, we cannot completely eliminate the problem.The weather, leaf dispersal, and even dew formation play a role in the creation of slippery rail.



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Where has the rail washer been? We’ve had slippery rail issues for two weeks already.

It's Autumn. I spent time one afternoon a few days ago clearing my driveway and lawn of leaves, had it in pretty good shape. Strong winds that night - next day you wouldn't know I had done any clearing at all. That's how it can go.

The same out there on the rails. The maintenance-of-way crew could have had the entire thing clear the day before and nature covers it again. Cut them a tiny bit of a break for this one.

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