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Red Line passengers at Kendall wanted to scoff when the train died and they were ordered off

Empty train at Kendall Square

Tom was among the passengers ordered off an inbound Red Line train at Kendall Square around 8 a.m. because the train just couldn't take it anymore. "Smells of burning rubber/oil," he reported. The T reported the newly ill train caused delays of up to ten minutes southbound.

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That whenever there is a delay and the platforms are dangerously packed you never see a Transit Police officer or an official in the photos.

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You don't see a Transit Police officer or a T official because that's not how the T operates. Even if you did see one they wouldn't know what to do and wouldn't have any answers to any questions. The T is not prepared to handle any emergency of any kind. They simply haphazardly "puts out fires" as they occur. Every time something happens from snow to rain to cold to hot to fires on the track or a disabled train of any kind the T acts like it is the first time it has ever happened. Every. Single. Time. They have always operated this way and always will. If you do chance to see an employee they will be completely flummoxed by what is going on. I have personally witnessed this for over forty years.

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If you decide to take the subway during the Baker admin, you're essentially on your own.

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to fit anyone else.

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