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The day after the Maverick Square Dunkin' Donuts was cited for evidence of rodents, so was a neighboring Chinese take-out place

One day after an ISD health inspector cited the Maverick Square Dunkin' Donuts for a variety of problems, including rodent dropping and an infestation of "small flies," an inspector paid a visit to Hong Kong Harbor two doors down and found rodent droppings there as well.

According to a Nov. 20 report, these included "fresh rodent droppings noted in the kitchen and in the basement" despite visits every other week from a pest-control company and

Because of these and other violations - including a garlic-oil mixture that should have been refrigerated sitting on a counter in the kitchen and "visible soils and grease build up" on cooking surfaces and the exterior of hood vents - an inspector will soon re-visit the take-out place to ensure the problems have been fixed. This should include, the inspector wrote, changing the pest-control visits from bi-weekly to weekly.

The Dunkin' Donuts issues were also enough to require a re-inspection. However, the fate of the outlet could be decided in federal court. On Friday, Dunkin' Donuts sued the franchise owner to take away its franchise over the results of both the city inspection and visits by its own inspectors.

A third restaurant on the block, a Burger King, was not inspected last week.

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90% of restaurants current or recently have had rodents. It's not that these places are unclean or unsanitary, it's just that they are beacons for mice and nearly impossible to keep out. The best a restaurant can do is be aggressive in their pest control to try to keep it to a minimum.

This is no excuse for places like the DD in East Boston. But no one should be shocked that mice are occasionally detected in even the best restaurants.

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I'll repeat my unrelated comment from the game/bar thread.

They should bring in a few cats.

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Any developer who decides to come in and start digging up the ground should provide rodent prevention assistance to the directly abutting small businesses. Take a lesson from most of Bodegas in Boston's neighborhoods. They keep a resident cat (neutered, if it's a male, to prevent spraying and odor).

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Delightfully pungent.

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