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Bay State Banner to get reporter for a year to bolster coverage of State House, City Hall

Report for America, which "places talented, emerging journalists into local news organizations to report for one to two years on under-covered issues and communities," announced today that the Bay State Banner will get one of them - to cover "how state legislative and city hall actions affect Boston’s African-American communities."

Via Sarah Betancourt.

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This is great news! I am a big fan of the Banner as it brings a unique coverage of what's impacting a lot of folks in the southern part of the City.

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The Banner is a gem. They cover a lot of ground and I'm happy to hear they will pick up an additional reporter. I learn way more useful info from them and t
UHub than the Globe.

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I'm glad to see any dedicated coverage from inside the State House. While the mission to cover state government's impact on Boston’s African-American communities is important, there's virtually no consistent coverage of the State House whatsoever so hopefully the reporter will report on even more things. I go back to when ch. 44 still covered live debate of both the Massachusetts House and Senate and each newspaper and TV station had full-time staff manning the press office, chasing around politicians through the hallways from office to office. As the part-time legislature masquerades as full-time, it seems the most work is done at concealing or covering up. A new reporter is always welcome by the voters, if not the pols.

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