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MBTA sign frenzy: T puts up signs that it promptly blocks with even newer signs

Signs at State Street on the Orange Line

Finn provides a before and after at State Street on the Orange Line: A couple weeks ago, the T put up a new train-arrival board - which it then blocked today by putting a sign pointing the way to the Blue Line.




Theres no way out of this disaster.

Top to bottom, inside and out the mbta is a dysfunctional mess of waste, fraud, laziness and just good old outright stupidity.

The city is doomed if it continues to grow without an intense and ridiculously expensive solution RIGHT NOW.

And since we handled the Big Dig with such tight financial regulations to ensure we didn't waste any money on corrupt politicans and criminal developers (lol) I'm sure the Federal Government will be more than happy to burn through several billion tax dollars for our trains to run on time.

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I think you might be overstating things just a little bit. Try to be constructive.

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One set of clowns will be fired. The other set of clowns will purchase another million dollar Grant Thornton report

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If they could have placed the signs elsewhere, that's one thing -- but accessibility signs are more important than telling people who are already standing on the platform when the next train will arrive.

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They could have moved the first set of signs or, even better, put them in a better location when they first installed them just a few weeks earlier.

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The most sensible place for the countdown signs is on the wall across from the platform. That's where they are in many MBTA stations already.

The way-finding signs are the ones in the correct spot since they are needed when you leave the train.

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