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Community leader, former BRA chairman Jeep Jones dies, 86

Jeep Jones

Clarence "Jeep" Jones, who led the Boston Redevelopment Authority board for 24 years, died Saturday.

Born in Roxbury, and a graduate of Boston Public Schools, Jones returned to Boston after going to college out of state and a tour in the Army, at first as a BPS teacher. He served as deputy mayor under Kevin White before being appointed to the BRA board, from which he retired in 2013.

A park off Malcolm X Boulevard bears his name.

Interview with Jones on growing up in Roxbury (includes how he got nicknamed Jeep).
Who Is Jeep Jones?

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The interviewer's questions (transcript easier than audio) could be a bit more precise but he sounds like a heck of a guy and great view into early 30's and forward life in Roxbury. College roommate of Farrakhan no less.

RIP Jeep

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