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Report: Photographer tries to take a bite out of Allston restaurant

The Daily Free Press reports (last item) that a photographer hired to take "professional photos" of food at Yoma Burmese Restaurant in Allston wouldn't let the owner take a look at the shots unless he got paid first, the owner refused to fork over any dough without a look, but the photographer really wanted his money, so he chased a worker into the kitchen, then tried to steal both money and an iPad before jumping into a getaway car.



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don't think he's going to like the review.

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Their food is very good. They also have an online business selling kits to make pickled tea salad which is a bit of a national specialty and some other items that you can order or you can pick them up there to bring home.

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Photographer needs to get Lightroom...

Ten bucks a month you get access to Lightroom and Photoshop and online gallery space. I can send a link that allows who I want to have access view the files then can unlock the files for download once I get payment.

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