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Gravel-spilling dump truck causes rocky road for O'Neill Tunnel commuters

State Police report a dump truck tipped over inside the O'Neill Tunnel northbound, disgorging its load of gravel across three lanes and creating a mess for commuters.

WFXT has dashcam video of the truck tipping over.


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which is even more stupid with a truck.

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reactionary movement to the semi partially invading the dump truck's lane on the curve. And once the dump truck started swaying they had trouble gaining control. Probably driving a little fast for total control.

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The dump truck driver was going far too fast for his load and the curve.

The semi does not "invade" that lane at all.

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He was in a hurry!

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The semi tracks the lane perfectly - the dump truck is starting to lose his lane, swerves toward the semi, then back into the next lane, then gets completely out of control.

He was trying to pass the semi at a high rate of speed.

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I've watched it numerous times. The rear wheels ride the line, thus my thinking the dump truck driver got startled by what I termed 'partially invading'.

Nonetheless, I also noted that same driver was likely going too fast.

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by about three minutes, and it took me nearly two hours to get out of it onto the Zakim. Blech.

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was the driver all right?

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A coworker of mine who was stuck in the slow traffic upstream said to me that he saw spilled gravel on the roadway at the beginning of the tunnel (which must be at least a half mile or maybe even three-quarters) before where the truck tipped over, so maybe he was having trouble all the way in?
Losing load? Tire blowout?

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