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Norwood resident diagnosed with coronavirus; 29 people who attended party with him have been told to self quarantine

Update: Among those self quarantining: the town school superintendent.

A Norwood resident has tested positive for Covid-19 - after attending a party at a private residence on Sunday with 29 other people - including 11 town officials and employees who are now on 14 days of self-quarantining - the town said in a statement tonight that adds that everybody else was also told they should stay at home for 14 days.

One of those officials, town General Manager Tony Mazzucco, developed cold-like symptoms this week - and took a Covid-19 test this evening, the results of which are still pending.

Aside from Mazzucco, the town is aware of one other resident, that is not a town employee or town official, that will need to be tested after displaying symptoms.

The resident who tested positive started feeling ill after the party had ended, the town said.

The town statement continued:

Mazzucco will continue to execute his duties as the town’s general manager while working remotely from home, and the town will continue to operate as normal, with Town Hall being open during normal business hours.

The town did not say if the resident who test positive was one of the two Norfolk County cases stemming from a company employee meeting last week in Boston and announced today by state public-health officials



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I wonder if we will end up with so many people on quarantine that they will start having parties amongst themselves.

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Perish the thought! I hope it doesn't come to that.

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