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Coronavirus cited today in zoning decision about a Charlestown parking lot

The Zoning Board of Appeal today agreed to accept paperwork related to a parking lot in Sullivan Square that was filed three days late because the company that would use the lot is a multinational pharmaceutical company and, well, you can imagine how something like a parking-lot lease might have gone forgotten in times like these.

At issue is a proposal by the owners of a parking lot on Cambridge Street to convert the space from its former use as a parking lot for 100 Boston school buses to a parking lot for 431 cars belonging to employees at Sanofi, which is building out new space in East Cambridge.

The board approved the parking-lot change in December.

Sanofi was supposed to file paperwork related to the lease by March 2, but missed that deadline by three days, because as you can imagine, with what's going on in the world," company attorney Stephen Miller told the board, asking for legal forgiveness to file late.

Board Chairwoman moved to approve the request, "given the extenuating circumstances," but cautioned people at the hearing that this was an exception and that people should not get the wrong idea they can start routinely filing things late.

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What is the zoning change here? Do we really need to go before zoning board to change from a parking lot to a...parking lot?! What a waste of time

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The lot was going from 100 school buses to 431 cars and that would mean changes like addition of pass readers, striping and the like.

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I'm disappointed in them. What kind of bureaucracy makes exceptions to their arbitrary rules?

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