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Tufts tells students to stay home after spring break

Tufts University President Tony Monaco announced tonight that students will get an extended spring break starting this weekend- and that classes will be taught online only starting March 25.

This extra time will provide students with opportunity to pack their residence hall rooms and depart campus by Monday, March 16 and faculty with additional planning time to move to distance learning.

Students can remain on campus if they might have problems "due to travel restrictions or other significant constraints."

Effective immediately, Tufts is banning all college-related travel basically anywhere. Also:

The University also strongly discourages all personal domestic and international travel by students, faculty, and staff, except for the purposes of students returning home.

Tufts joins Amherst, Harvard and MIT in moving to online-only education for the remainder of the spring semester.


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It’s only the flu. Stop this hysterical bullshit.

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its not the flu. it is killing people at a rate of 3.4%, where the flu is somewhere between 0.1 - 0.2%, which means that covid-19 is at least 17x as lethal as the flu. and when you look at it from an age distribution perspective, it is killing 1 in 5 over the age of 70.

so no, its not the flu. are people overreacting in some senses -- absolutely (looking at you, toilet paper stockpilers). but for fucks sake, stop trying to promote this false equivalence between the standard flu and covid-19

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You're just intent on being a rash, aren't you?

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