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Pharmacy school moves to online classes

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences announced this afternoon that it's moving to online-only classes on March 22.

At this point, clinical rotations will continue as scheduled, and students on clinical rotations will receive information from their academic programs/clinical education teams as they move forward. The University will continue to closely monitor the situation in conjunction with our clinical sites. With regard to on-campus clinics, over the course of the next week the Office of the Provost will be working with the Academic leadership who oversee these clinics to determine the best course of action.

Students for whom going home might be a problem will be able to stay in their dorms.




I walk by there. They do a ton of lab stuff. How do you learn that online?

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For every other college that's shutting down... The learning experience will definitely be different, but it's an "equalizer" of sorts.

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As in "equity", which is what most of our local political leaders want nowadays. Everyone's getting an ineffective online education, so UMass Boston classes are now on an equal footing with Harvard classes. Mediocrity is great, right?

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