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Berklee, New England Conservatory move to online classes

Berklee announced today it plans "to transition to an online/remote learning mode by Monday, March 23, after spring break," while the New England Conservatory will take a similar step starting March 30.



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rather than the main campus here in Boston. You may want to edit your link to point here instead: https://www.berklee.edu/covid19

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Valencia, Spain, but yeah.

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When I saw "Valencia" I thought of CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) which is located in that California town.

Until this post, I did not know that Berklee had a campus in any place called Valencia.

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effective today: https://longy.edu/uncategorized/currently-longy-classes-and-lessons-cont...

I don't know how one can teach musical performance remotely.

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My friend took mandolin lessons via Skype for years.

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It can definitely be done for one-on-one instruction. Ensemble work might be a little trickier, though.

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Falling in line with NEC, Berklee, and pretty much every other local school now.

Longy Update on Coronavirus Response

Classes will continue as scheduled until Friday, March 13th.

We are extending Spring Break to nearly two weeks, from Monday, March 16th–Friday, March 27th. Classes, ensembles, lessons and performances should not take place during this time.

Starting on Monday, March 30th, all Longy classes will transition to online teaching.

All concerts and masterclasses are canceled for the duration of the spring semester.

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