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Dorchester nursing home bans all visitors

The Boston Home on Dorchester Avenue yesterday ordered a "complete ban" on visitors because of Covid-19 concerns.

We have made this difficult determination for the safety and well-being of our residents, staff and visitors. While we understand that visiting friends and family is important to maintaining relationships our overarching responsibility is to the health and safety of our residents who are among the most vulnerable population in the healthcare system.

People who have "essential" reasons to see a resident will have to fill out a form, which an administrator will then make a decision on within three days.


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They should set up an account for Facetime or other video chat applications and arrange times for staff to facilitate virtual visits.

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People have been doing that for years. Many people have adaptive technology and don’t need assistance from staff.

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A Dorchester nursing home was just a triple decka.

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I believe all, or most, nursing homes are banning all visitors

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