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Six charged with holding a man up at both knifepoint and gunpoint in East Boston; more suspects at large

Boston Police report a man entering his home on Lexington Street Monday night was swarmed by eight to ten men and teenagers, four of whom held him at knifepoint while a fifth put a gun to his head.

Police did not specify the location on Lexington Street, but said that the victim, after being robbed, saw the pack run to a house at 310 Saratoga St., off Putnam Street.

While officers were speaking to the victim, their attention was turned to a group of males exiting 302 Saratoga Street who were quickly identified as the suspects. Upon seeing officers, one of the males fled the scene, but was apprehended following a brief foot pursuit. The remaining five suspects were located, positively identified, and taken into custody. Officers canvassed the area for the remaining suspects, including the male who was in possession of the firearm, to no avail. Officers recovered two knives along with the victim’s property.

Charged with armed robbery were Elmer Roberto-Rodriguez, 18, and Daniel Gonzalez Ramirez, 19, both of Chelsea, and Reymundo Hernesto Bonilla, 21, of East Boston. Two 16-year-olds, one from East Boston and one from Lynn, and a 15-year-old from Chelsea were charged with being delinquent for armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.


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