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Police at Northeastern tell left-behind students not named Prospero to knock it off with the apartment parties

The Masque Of The Red Death (1964)

Northeastern Police today pleaded with students who remained behind in Boston after their campus shut down to stop partying in their off-campus apartments:

We realize that students have opted to remain at their rental properties here in Boston and in neighborhoods throughout the local area. While the vast majority of you have been ideal neighbors, we're learning from Boston Police that some college-aged renters are still having large social events inside of apartments. The noise from these social gatherings is disruptive to neighbors and, given the current COVID-19 crisis, the close proximity is also a risk to personal health.

Particularly at this trying time, please try to be Students Making Accountable Responsible Thoughtful neighbors (#SMARTneighbors). Thanks Huskies!

The Fenway and Mission Hill are not the only neighborhoods where people are continuing to party, even if not wearing masks. On Sunday, a South Boston resident filed a 311 complaint about partying on East 3rd Street:

There is a loud party going on. I do not want a party going on near me, I have a comprimised immune system. These 20 year old idiots need to understand this is a real problem.



These idiots are the ones that will be our downfall.

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a President who spent six weeks asserting the virus was no big deal, just Fake News and totally under control, and who appears ready to defy the advice of actual health experts and encourage people to start hangin' out and partyin' again or anything, man.

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Tell them if you party" Your gone baby gone."

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I have the misfortune of knowing a few people like this. They won't listen to sense. It will take their friends suffocating to death for them to start to get it.

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How about some fines by the police for violating the order against gatherings of more than 10 people? Or noise violations? And if that doesn't work, some arrests.

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Perhaps Boston City Council could pass an ordinance, complete with penalty, for those who continue to congregate and party.

Those of us in the Fenway and Mission Hill put up with enough marijuana smoke and drunkenness during normal times. We should not be put at further risk during a pandemic.

Northeastern University (and others) should bring any students exhibiting this behavior to disciplinary hearing & immediately throw them out of school.

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There is an online form to report incidents to Northeastern University. If you can safely gather photos, audio or video, that is a good idea. And if you know the names of the students that is also helpful, but otherwise just the address.


In my experience the university has a long way to go to improve their follow-through on these complaints. But I think it is worthwhile to file a complaint whenever warranted, and keep copies for your records, and for the records of your condo association or apartment building.

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To report the party. NU told me that one time when I complained. I've got a ton of these idiots in my neighborhood.

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Gov. Baker's latest order limits the number of people at an indoor gathering to 10 (it was 25)

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Partiers....There’s a 12 year old on a ventilator fighting to stay alive. You are not super human.

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Disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct?

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