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Taking some big precautions behind the MFA

Giant masked baby heads

Greg Cook not only reports on the mask one of the giant baby heads behind the MFA is now wearing, he tells us about the guerilla artist who created and tied on the mask - with some help from his nephew.


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finally somebody has turned those incredibly ugly pieces, which the MFA so cruellly and callously inflicts upon its neighbors, into actual art

brilliant move, thank you


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already been exposed

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I think it's kind of fun (and meaningful), but at the same time, hideous as they are, those heads are a legitimate art installation at the museum. Can people just walk up and do this, "guerrilla" or otherwise?

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Is hanging appropriate? Or is that not cruel enough for these art defacers?

I mean, come on, it's not like they spray painted the statue or took a blow torch to it.

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You realize people are all over these things all the time right? I would be more concerned about the artist than the statue!

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Unfortunately, the MFA already took it down but what a great idea to cheer people up.

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