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Tufts students find several miles of elastic cord to repair damaged N95 masks

WBUR reports the students jumped into action after Tufts Medical Center got a donation of 6,000 N95 masks that had easily snappable elastic straps. But first they had to find miles of elastic cord with which to replace the bad straps.


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Was not diminished

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that would be a major setback

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I hear the triads are selling them now.

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It's their seventh effort.

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They put out the word to Boston's student community and within a matter of days, dozens of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University and Harvard University had come together to prototype a solution, source several miles of new elastic chord and set up an appropriately spaced, makeshift assembly line across a series of empty classrooms at the Tufts Dental School.

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What's the interval?

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