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A tree a day keeps the coronavirus away on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Penny Cherubino reports Back Bay denizens are taking advantage of how the trees down the center of Commonwealth Avenue are spaced just right to maintain a proper Boston social distance while having a chat.



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Just got back from a walk on the Comm. Ave. Mall -- beautiful day for it! Was quite crowded, many of us had to walk in the street to avoid groups of people. A few too many of those motorized Bird scooters on the Mall, or some other brand, not sure which ones. Otherwise everyone was doing their best to maintain 6ft. and I would say maybe 2 or 3 out of every 10 people were wearing cloth masks or the masks you might wear if doing carpentry (not the ones doctors and medical professionals wear). Tons of joggers and cyclists on the Mall, little kids, parents with strollers -- nice crowd enjoying a spring day during a stressful time.

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If a tree on the Mall falls and no one's there to hear it because they're standing too far away, does it make a sound?

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There's always,always someone there. Some of those buildings are single family homes.

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