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No stuffing your face in lilacs with hundreds of other people at the Arboretum this Mother's Day

No Lilac Sunday at the Arboretum

You can still sniff, but don't bring a crowd with you.

The Arnold Arboretum has canceled its annual Lilac Sunday on May 10 - and the picnicking and other events that go along with it.

The Arboretum itself remains open (except for the visitor's center), but visitors are, of course, urged to social distance, which would be hard to do around the lilac bushes on a typical Lilac Sunday.

The Arbs reports that the lilacs will, of course, continue to bloom and that because the paths remain open, you can do some solitary lilac snififng late April through mid to late May. But with a caveat:

We invite you to visit during these weeks of peak lilac bloom, but request that you practice social distancing from one another and respect our plants. If the landscape appears to be too crowded for safe visitation, please return another time.

Also, don't touch anything. You don't know where that bench has been.


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Was just at the arboretum and it was packed. They should close off parking nearby because it’s only going to get worse. People who don’t live nearby can stay in their own neighborhood until the pandemic is over.

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except maybe a few spaces for disabled people (and I'm not even sure about that).

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People park, both legally and illegally when it's busy, all up and down Center St and the Arborway. The city/state should lock that all off, as they did on Day Blvd today (only partially successfully) in addition to the official parking lots.

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There's plenty of legal parking on the Roslindale side of the Arboretum (and then there's Bussey Street, but shhh).

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Adam, please
Kinopio, city parks aren't only for people who are fortunate enough to live near them. Your 'locals only' bias is tiring.

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Please help us. We are all starting to crack.

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I bet a TON of people will still show up on Lilac Sunday, even if it's officially cancelled. That's the one day that they should hire a few Staties to stop people from parking in all the places where people park.

Glad to see that otherwise the Arboretum is still open and a place to enjoy nature.

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everywhere in Boston. You don't have to go to the Arboretum to see them. Take a walk and really look.

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