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10-year-old girl in her own home is hit by gunfire from neighboring apartment on Nazing Street in Roxbury

Live Boston reports the shooting was around 5:20 p.m. at 21 Nazing St. The victim, inside her apartment at the time, is 10. NBC Boston reports the girl is in critical condition.

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The violence erupting right now in Boston is really awful. I hope this girl recovers.

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You know who doesn’t shoot ten year old kids when their gun goes off in their apartment? People who are smart enough to not have guns.

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when their gun goes off in their apartment?

Guns just go off?

What are the chances that the guns involved were legally obtained and belonged to licenced individuals?

Licenced Individuals who had to have training and a shooting test with the BPD ....

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A wonderful world, where trained gun owners always secure their weapons safely, where LEOs never accidentally discharge their weapons or shoot innocent bystanders. Where there is even such a thing as a 100% safe way to handle a loaded gun. Such a lovely fantasy. I wish I lived there, too.

Unfortunately, gun permit holders are not the trustworthy users you think they are.

Since May 2007, concealed handgun permit holders have killed at least 189 individuals--including nine law enforcement officers--in 26 states.

Unfortunately, law officers do not always handle their weapons safely.

Accidental shootings by law enforcement have happened in recent years at agencies small and large and at all levels — city, county, state and federal — across the U.S., an Associated Press investigation found. They’ve caused hundreds of injuries to officers, suspects and bystanders, and sometimes they’ve caused deaths.

Unfortunately, even the people who give the training you put so much faith in sometimes shoot when they don't mean to.

LANCASTER, Ohio A firearms instructor accidentally shot a student while teaching a gun-safety class on Saturday in Fairfield County to people seeking permits to carry concealed weapons.

A gun safety instructor accidentally shot a pastor during a class on how to disarm a knife-wielding attacker.

You want to be safe from accidentally-fired guns? Take them away from as many people as possible. The damned things are dangerous, by design.

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A wonderful world, where trained vehicle owners always operate their vehicles safely, where drivers never accidentally run a red light, roll through a stop sign, speed, text while driving, drive impaired. Where there is even such a thing as a 100% safe way to operate a vehicle. Such a lovely fantasy. I wish I lived there, too.

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Again? We have to point out to you once again that cars are not designed and built for the purpose of taking life, they are designed and built for conveying people from one place to another. Firearms are designed and built to take life. They do it well, and they do it very easily. So easily that a small child can use one to kill any living thing in their vicinity, including another child.

Automobiles require insurance to operate in our state, because of their potential to cause harm. Not because they are designed to cause harm. Do gun owners have to buy insurance on their weapons, which are designed to cause harm? Why not?

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While we're cooped up you should watch Tiger King lots of great video of legal gun owners being absolute morons with thier guns. My experience with gun owners echoes much of that show including an acquaintance who was killed accidentally by his friend while goofing around with guns while drinking. Both were veterans and according to gun rights people should know how to handle weapons safely.

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Everything old is new again...
How old is that young lady from Dorchester now? 20, 21? Shot through the house wall and partially paralyzed, near Hamilton St when she was 3, right?

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