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Like Red Sox fans, Boston pigeons are distinct from their New York counterparts

Pigeon downtown

Downtown Crossing pigeon waiting to make sure none of those New York pigeons are around.

Today's top research news comes via the New York Times, which reports a scientist has discovered that Boston and New York pigeons are genetically distinct - and that as with Red Sox and Yankees fans, the boundary runs through the middle of Connecticut.

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Try Rock Dove.

Then I can be rock-n-roll AND part of the peace movement for my publicity strategy.

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Have that whole Rock and Roll/Peace thing locked down. I wonder If they have those in New York too?

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I wonder how they have been getting their food without people there to feed them leftover scraps.

Hopefully they are re-learning to hunt.

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Simply knows enough to get out of the rain. New York pigeons loudly complain and drop a few F-bombs, when the same thing happens what, 2-3 times a week on average.

The photo illustrates the calm demeanor of Boston pigeons. They know that a reliable percentage of pedestrians will be eating croissants, and from that traffic they will derive a steady flow of crumbs. In New York the diet is pizza, hot dogs and pita grill, all of which is scarfed in 2-3 bites within 10 feet of the vendor. New York pigeons are uptight because they must constantly hustle for food. The lucky ones know where the tourists hang out. Kids from Oklahoma think that pigeons are real birds, and actually feed them.

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.. tomato-based "chowder"?

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