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Jordan Hall concerts cancelled through at least February

Boston Baroque announced today it's had to cancel its concerts through February following a decision by the New England Conservatory to close Jordan Hall to outside programs through the winter due to Covid-19 concerns.

The safety of our audiences and artists will always be our top priority at Boston Baroque, and NEC’s decision, which we know was a difficult one, has our full support.

Boston Baroque says it's not just throwing its collective hands up:

As we move forward at this unprecedented time, Boston Baroque’s goal remains the same: to make and share our music with audiences everywhere. We have been anticipating this possibility and, now that it is here, we are pleased to be able to tell you that we are exploring a number of scenarios for the upcoming season. While it’s too early to discern exactly what the season will look like - we’re exploring live events and streaming options - ensuring the safety of everyone involved will be the guiding force in our decision-making process.

Boston Baroque looks forward to offering you a 2020-2021 season that is artistically fulfilling and exciting; we have a number of special programs planned for our subscribers and ticket buyers. We ask for your patience at this time, and encourage you to visit our website again soon for updates.




Jordan Hall is also home to the Boston Gay Men's Chorus holiday concert.
Their website says "We look forward to returning to our performance cycle in December 2020." Curious if they will find another venue or have to cancel another performance. Their June pride concert has been cancelled.

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I heard from a friend in BGMC that the Jordan Hall shutdown (to outside groups) will affect them.

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