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Person shot on Norton Street in Dorchester

In the hand, on Norton Street between Bowdoin and Inwood streets, shortly before 10:30 p.m.

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Thanks for your obsessive negative reports on Dorchester over the last few weeks. Thanks for contributing to the narrative that we’re a black neighborhood thus we’re troubled and problematic. You are part of the problem. Shame on you. A thousand wonderful things are happening in Dorchester from neighborhood food drives, elder check-ins, BLM outreach, et al. Stop your lazy reporting from a police scanner or get a real job, Adam.

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Bruh, the people who say that about Black neighborhoods DON'T need confirmation from UHub, they were saying it long before and even if it were peaceful, they would find something else to drill us about.

The only valid criticism is that I wish more positive info regarding the community were mentioned here. I would suspect Adam has enough contacts to be aware of the events by now?

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I said to myself if I see one more notification of violence by UHub, it would seal the fate of my depression. It's now the 2-year anniversary of my life soul mate's sudden death by brain aneurysm. At a young age. So abrupt. No time to say goodbye. We were never apart for almost 26 years. I haven't been the same since. Grief sucks and I wish it would go away but it doesn't. Isn't it amazing how I was slapped in the face with such a wake up alarm, and that now I can realize, and get it, that as much as Swirly, O-Fish, Magoo and illustrious others made me think that I couldn't stand some of their comments, in retrospect it was actually the opposite and made me depend on them and count on looking for their input to contribute to the diverse spice of comments that makes UHub so addicting. Guys, you used to piss me off. But now I realize how great all of you are. Adam, thanks for making me laugh with your rhymes about the MBTA's dysfunctional daily fails. Your journalism delivers so much more heart. I'm just really depressed right now. Stop the violence. Increase the peace.

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