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Attended a protest or vigil recently? Better get tested for coronavirus, city says

The Boston Public Health Commission is urging civil rights/Black Lives Matter protesters to get tested for Covid-19:

If you attended a protest or demonstration, you may have been exposed to #COVID19. We recommend you get tested, even if you do not have symptoms. A testing site will be open in Roxbury tomorrow 6/10 and Thursday 6/11. It is free and confidential.

Free Covid-19 testing sites in Boston.



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This is a great recommendation.

They should also be recommending that EVERYONE get tested for COVID-19.

Between May 24 and June 1 (approx. 7 days), the city tested 5,410 people with 479 testing positive (8.8%), according to @healthyboston.

We need people to get tested! And, the city has the ability to test up to 1,500 people per day, so don't think you're taking away from getting anyone else getting tested.

[The Roxbury listing above does specifically mention it's open to anyone and everyone, with symptoms or naught (not?).

The health center in East Boston also specifically mentions you don't need to be asymptomatic.

If you are any type of public worker, you should go, and even go regularly. Hopefully, we'll have a new way to test, soon, that isn't so utterly painful you'll cry - I mean, somewhat discomforting.


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I can tell you from direct experience, it is not a fun test.

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Also if you’ve been to the beach in Southie! Get tested! If you’ve been hanging out with all different groups of friends and family then get tested!! I think we should all get tested:)

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Listen, I certainly support protesting, the revolution, civil disobedience, and uprising,

However we are definitely need to find a better way to get change done without humongous protesting. Black lives matter need to change their methods of operation because if they don't coronavirus will kill all black lives that matter.

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I think we’ve tried everything. Think of it like a burning building with a kid inside would you wait til the fire went out to save them?

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