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Standing for black lives for third straight week in West Roxbury

At West Roxbury vigil, Holy Name Rotary

Charlie Rosenberg photographed the third Monday Black Lives Matter vigil at Holy Name Rotary, where Centre Street and West Roxbury Parkway meet in West Roxbury, this afternoon.




I’m sure they are doing a lot for the cause and greatly helping the Black communities. Are they also out having conversations with Black men and providing financial assistance in the form of donations? Are they attending community meetings on the topic? Is anyone who reads this doing any of that?

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Are you doing any of this? Or are you just posting the same comment on every picture of every protest that you can?

Have you figured yet why it's important that white people protest for these issues?

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The question is, what are YOU doing?

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Not everyone is stuck at the maturity level of "my high school is better than yours".

We are all in this together.

Pitting teabillies against protesters, and whites against POC and immigrants is how capitalism says "let's you and him fight". If you think in binaries, you lose. If we think in binaries, we all lose.

This is about working for a just society for EVERYONE - you know, the supposed American ideal?

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I’m just trying to pay the mortgage and raise the kids, I don’t have time to work for a just society for anyone but me.

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Question for you, how does “capitalism” say anything. Who are you referring to?

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Why does it matter? They have every right to demonstrate about anything they want.

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Yes, some of us who've attended these E-5 rallies have friends, coworkers, and community members of color, and we even speak to them.

And yes, some of us are willing to put our money where our mouths are.

And what makes this time different--much to my surprise!--is that the police have responded to reasonable demands ("don't randomly kill women sleeping in their beds" "don't torture people to death on camera") by having a several-week long riot in which they *do more violence.* Which means that we've now been exposed to hundreds of counts of new police violence. (E.g., https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1271816486366126080)

Which has suggested to many of us that maybe it's time for substantial changes.

Of course, I don't speak to a lot of republicans--so I'll take this opportunity.

Why do you think West Roxbury is so white?

And why aren't republicans in favor of limiting the discretion of government agents to kill citizens without due process?

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