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The cute little houses of Moss Hill

Corrinne Bourgoin wonders:

Where are my JP architectural history buffs? Can you tell me about these quirky little houses on Westchester Rd off Centre St. in the Moss Hill area? They look like an old camp or caretaker’s cottage with their hipped roofs and center chimney. They are so charming and anachronistic to the neighborhood, the architecture nerd in me is deeply curious!

Small Moss Hill house


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Both were built by the same person (Frank Cassoli) but were built for two different people, #21 for Arthur Roger and #25 for Milton Rudman. And yes, they were built with the garage like that. The original permit had that as a storage space, but a month later it was amended to be a garage. The permits were granted in 1939.

The amazing thing, to me, is that both are assessed at over a half million dollars.

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The land is probably $300k of that if not much more.

If accessory buildings are allowed to be converted to small housing units there will be many more homes that look like that in the future. A 2 car garage with an extension makes for a reasonable studio.

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Good info! Thanks!

Speaking from the leafy confines of east Arlington, I wonder, what are the minimum sq. ft. per person laws around here?

How do those proposed micro apts deal with living life? Like, say, if you were confined at home for months on end for some reason?

And then, are people in nyc that can’t afford 3000 per month and therefore presumably living in a shoebox doing alright mentally by now?

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