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Black Lives Matter wheeled through town yesterday

Bicyclists for justice in Grove Hall

Bicyclists in Grove Hall.

Our own Ron Newman was among the participants in yesterday's Ride for Black Lives from White Stadium to Nubian Square.




Here's a photo of the huge group coming down Geneva Ave. I'd estimate about 2/3's of the group is behind me in this photo.


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of where I was in relation to the whole group even just by the time we left Franklin Park. just when I thought I had to be toward the back with all the people stretching out forever front of me I would turn around and see people stretching out forever behind me too.

It was really impressive.

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I also posted this in the “other” protest story from yesterday, but I enjoyed this experience as well. I was moved by the speeches, especially by Rep. Liz Miranda and a powerful poem by young Bikes Not Bombs member Joseph Pires.

It was a great experience riding in solidarity with more than a thousand fellow cyclists through the streets of Roxbury and Dorchester, and watching all the local residents hanging out of windows and balconies, waving and cheering while cars honked horns in support.

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since I've been in a march/procession/ride like that, with so much spontaneous expression of support from all kinds of people along the way.

on balconies, out windows, in storefronts, in their cars, waves and honks and fists in the air, and smiles and shouts and "thank you"s, and the families and the kids, man.

it's probably because large marches and events like this make me emotional, but i was choked up and weepy for a good part of it. it was something.

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for posting Ron's photos and for coverage of the event. I was there and it was wonderful. As others have stated, the interaction between spectators and cyclists was really special. Also, it was so cool to ride down the middle of Seaver Street!

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