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Isaias knocks out Amtrak service between Boston and New York

Update: Trains are running again, but with diesel locomotives in place of the usual electric engines.

Amtrak reports falling trees did a number on the Northeast Corridor in Connecticut:

Due to ongoing overhead power issues caused by severe weather, all service between Boston (BOS) and New York (NYP) is canceled. We will update as more information becomes available.

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Longer disruptions from storms is a downside to electric operations (vs. using diesels)

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Given how often diesel locomotives break down with no help from storms (especially on the MBTA), I'll take the electrics.

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The dozens of countries around the world with functional rail systems seem to manage ok with electrification. As do all of the major East Coast commuter rail systems except Boston.

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Or as we say, normal service.

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If this was the situation than, imagine how worse it will be once the storm actually hits as bad as the weather scientists predict.

Wait, it already passed? I was taking a shower, must have missed it.

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in MA alone according to http://mema.mapsonline.net/public.html -- and it was a lot worse yesterday.

Eastern MA didn't really get hit. It was really central MA that took the worst of it.

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that the storm dropped everything on the Greater NYC area instead of on us.

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