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Cy says "Mask up"

Cy Young

With some Northeastern students already returning to campus, MLB icon Cy Young models appropriate COVID precautions, while demonstrating excellent form on the mound.



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Wow, the mound was smaller in the old days.

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Wicked caroms if a comebacker clips the granite, though.

Did Cy have some sort of connection to Northeastern, or is it because the Sox once had a home on Huntington Avenue?

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The statue stands at the approximate site of the pitcher's mound, and there are also plaques commemorating the approximate site of home plate, and the left field foul pole.

Cool photo of the real Cy doing his thing at the Huntington Ave Grounds:


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The Cy Young in that photo is a bit of a contrast to the statue; he looks like a burly, somewhat tired, middle-aged man. Looks can be deceiving, I guess; in 1908, at age 41, he went 21-11, with an ERA of 1.26 (second-best in the major leagues), and pitched his third no-hitter.

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Well, the Beaneaters and The Pilgrims played at Huntington Avenue.

Red Sox started floating up as a name around the same time.

The Braves played on the opposite side of the train tracks from Ruggles where NU has built those mid-rise dorms stretching north on Tremont.


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Surprised to hear that the statue of a known racist who played during a time when blacks weren't allowed to play is still standing.

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Please enlighten us on Cy Young's racism. I can't find any clear examples in a quick Google search.

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If the Ruggles family can be called out as slave owners when there is zero evidence of it, why can’t we do the same thing with Cy Young. Since he never came out and said that the race bar was wrong, he must have been a Klansman, right?

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You are so irrationally threatened by any examination of our racist past that you are a constant firehose of bullshit like this.

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George Ruggles (1720-1779) earned his family’s wealth through plantations in the Caribbean

I mean I'm sure you can contort yourself enough to claim this doesn't explicitly say "slave owner" but sure, I bet it was just a plantation without slave labor.


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I'm sure there will be some minor history of one or two indentured Irish servants employed in a manor house, so that is the same as what we know to have happened with people being stolen from Africa and enslaved, working sugar plantations in the Caribbean, dying within a couple of years from abuse, and possibly staging an uprising.


The Royall family brought their house servants to Medford with them when they left Antigua amid drought, a couple of disastrous hurricanes, and enslaved people getting upset about being enslaved. https://royallhouse.org/

(BTW: The Royall House and Slave Quarters is raising money for some urgent repairs, if anyone wants to throw them some cashflow love: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/slave-quarters-preservation)

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You didn’t mean the Dudley family, did you?

(Yes, I know I’m criticizing my own comment, but it was so off even I think it’s bad. Since others also called me out, I will keep it up and remember my shame.)

Yeah, I meant the Dudleys.

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of Ty Cobb?

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to assume that he's thinking at all.

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