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Five-story condo building proposed for East Broadway and H Street in South Boston

Archtect's rendering of 555 East Broadway

Architect's rendering.

A trio of developers has proposed a five-story, 14-unit condo building at 555 East Broadway at H Street - with 14 underground parking spaces - to replace a convenience store.

David Matteo, David Winick, Jr. and Giuseppe Arcari filed plans with the BPDA today for a building with 12 two-bedroom units and 2 three-bedroom units.

The building would have ground-floor retail space and a storage room for 28 bicycles.

555 East Broadway small-project review application (12.3M PDF).

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...Much less trees. While I support this better type of use, There isn’t even a recess for the entry way- it’s all up against the edge of property line. We need the city, here the BRA to demand more for the cityscape.

And don’t say housing housing housing every unit counts. If the city really cared, Gate of Heaven would have apartments not a parking lot.

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