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Cool under pressure: As cops question her about taser holdup of hotel guest she met on a dating app, woman starts FaceTiming another guy, police say

Boston Police report arresting a woman from a Seattle suburb on charges she used a taser at a downtown hotel to hold up a guy she'd arranged to meet via an online dating app

Officers responded to the Hyatt Regency, 1 Ave. de Lafayette, around 11:50 a.m. on Tuesday, police say:

The victim stated the suspect met the victim in the lobby before they made their way back to the suspect’s hotel room where they had a conversation lasting approximately thirty minutes. The victim stated the suspect pulled out a taser and held it to the victim while she rummaged through his pockets. The victim stated the suspect stole over one hundred dollars from him before he was able to run out of the room. The victim stated he notified the hotel’s security staff who in turn called police.

Police say it turns out the woman was also staying at the hotel, and that officers found her in her room:

The suspect stated she had never seen the victim before. As officers continued to try to ascertain what had actually occurred between the two parties, the suspect became completely uncooperative. The suspect eventually started FaceTiming another male before officers located a pink taser on top of the suspect’s luggage. Officers recovered the taser and the suspect was taken into custody.

Selena Rivera-Apodaca, 24,, of Kent, WA, was charged with armed robbery, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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The new normal where weapons, face masks and ankle bracelets have now become fashion statements.

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Cat fishing usually involves a longer term confidence scheme to gain the trust of the victim before going in for the score. This lady didn't have the time or patience to do that.

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George Costanza said it was much worse the last time when she left me handcuffed to the bed and my clothes were stolen.

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Next steps

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Dating app -Combat Zone Hotel-what could possibly go wrong? Really

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What decade are you in?

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I think she wanted to be paid for her time....

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Was Boston's "Free Them All" violent prisoner release group activated in this case or was this particular armed robbery not violent enough? Now that Seattle has been destroyed, time to move on to Boston with fresh targets and an even more sympathetic DA. Expect more of this.

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Had I known about your deep interest in the activities of the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, I would have posted the following statement from last week. Oh, well, you can read it now:

BOSTON, August 11, 2020 — “Each one of the over 25,000 cases we handle a year is unique and the Office examines many factors in determining how best to proceed in each case. The decision to request bail or move for dangerousness is one of many that requires a careful consideration of what best serves the victim. And to be clear, the alleged rapist isn’t the victim in the case. The person raped is.

“Dangerousness under s. 58A requires an evidentiary hearing. There are important victim-centered reasons for not requesting such a hearing and instead requesting bail. Further, the dangerousness statute only allows defendants to be held without bail for a limited period of time, after which they are eligible for release on bail, and only permits prosecutors to request a dangerousness hearing during an arraignment.

“What I find interesting about the Bail Fund’s recent behavior of posting higher bails for violent serious crimes - like the alleged rape recently committed by a convicted sex offender and rapist - is that any incentive for good behavior by the alleged offender is removed. When a family member or friend posts bail, there is an added pressure on the defendant. Any violation, whether a new offense or not showing up in court, could result in that family member or friend losing their money that was posted for bail. That’s how the bail statute works. The Bail Fund isn’t a friend or family member of the accused. There is no discussion on the ride home of ‘what the hell are you doing?’ or ‘what in the world have you done?’ There is no pressure applied to the accused by the Bail Fund. Rather, their mantra is ‘Free Them All.’

“If this office made a decision to request bail and not a dangerousness hearing to spare the victim of a rape any additional trauma, I can absolutely live with that decision. But bailing out a convicted sex offender and rapist, and then going home, is the act of a coward. So is not making a statement after you make a decision like that. The Bail Fund bailed out Shawn McClinton and he is now accused of raping someone else, in Boston. I would have so much more respect for the Bail Fund if they had bailed him out and then let him stay in one of their homes. Because that’s what family members and friends usually do when they bail a loved one out. Not bail them out, set them loose on a community they don’t live in, and drive back to the safety of their homes.”

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Women from other parts of the country working from backpage ads and being traded like baseball cards from pimp to pimp. She is most likely not visiting Boston for the chowder.

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Police say it turns out the woman was also staying at the hotel, and that officers found her in her room.....

I read the police report and was under the impression that the man was local and had met up w/her at the hotel for a nooner, after finding her on an "app." Yet your sentence implies that the man was a hotel guest. Perhaps I missed something?

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