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Offices, residential units proposed for Braintree Street in Allston

A Marblehead developer wants to put up a 12-story office building and a 6-story residential building with 95 units at 93-129 Braintree Street at Everett Street in Allston.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA yesterday, David Bracken reports the 1.8-acre proposal, would, perforce, be transit oriented, given how it's basically right across the street from the Boston Landing commuter-rail stop.

Bracken adds that when he files detailed plans for the project, it will include affordable units "significantly in excess" of the 13% required by the city.

Also, he is promising to transform the space next to under the Everett Street bridge across Braintree Street into a "landscaped public outdoor space providing much needed active and passive recreational amenities for the neighborhood and Braintree Street."

93-129 Braintree St. letter of intent (1.1M PDF).

Dilapidated old factory building on Braintree Street in Allston could be replaced by seven stories of small apartments.
Board approves six-building project that will remake one end of Harvard Avenue in Allston.

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So, I am generally pro development, but just out of curiosity, is there a single plot of land between Cambridge st and Everett St that is not under some level of development (or recently completed?)

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I've worked at 119 Braintree (the one with the giant flag that you can see from the Turnpike) for 10 years, and it's such a quirky space. Every floor of the building is different, with artworks from the many artists who have their studios there. Whatever vanilla industrial thing that goes in its place will not have anything like that character.

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From a cursory look at the lot map, isn't the western end of this lot the building where all the artist's studios are? If so, it's an old factory building but its being used by many local artists. I bought some nice stuff there during Allston open studios last year.

The new apartment building on that street to the East caught my attention as I had seen ads for it on the T, and was tickled by how scenic the views were in the photos vs its location next to the highway. Do these apts rely on out of state people moving here signing a lease sight unseen?

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I don't know the area well enough to know the bus service. Just how TOD is this as a place to live (rather than work)?

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Any developer who calls the Boston Landing area transit-oriented should be required to recite the entire Worcester Line schedule at a public hearing. It won't take that long.

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